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Where we aim to provide clarity and transparency about our company's operations, services, and the rules that govern our interactions with you, our valued customers. In this section, you'll find answers to common questions, information about our privacy and security policies, terms and conditions, and more.

Welcome Book

Introducing the 'Sunridge Woods House Welcome Book'—your go-to guide for an amazing stay at our vacation home. This handy PDF contains house rules, local insights, safety info, amenities, check-in/out details, and our contact information. Download it now for a hassle-free and memorable visit to Sunridge Woods House!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of food and meals?
Eating out in Florida can be quite reasonable. An average meal at an inexpensive restaurant could cost around $15 - $20. However, if you prefer to cook at home, a week's groceries for a family of four may cost between $100 - $150, depending on your dietary preferences.

What is a Sun Pass and how does it work?
The Sun Pass is a prepaid toll program that allows you to seamlessly travel on most tolled roads in Florida. You can purchase a Sun Pass transponder at the airport or at various retail locations. By setting up an account and adding funds to it, you can enjoy significantly lower toll rates. Tolls are automatically deducted from your prepaid account as you pass through Sun Pass toll lanes.

What amenities are included with the house?
Our goal is to ensure you have a comfortable stay. The house comes equipped with essentials including clean towels, bed linens, dish soap, and kitchen utensils. We also provide Wi-Fi access and cable TV for your entertainment.

What are the average gas prices?
Gas prices in Florida can vary, but on average, you can expect to pay around $3 per gallon. Do remember, prices can fluctuate based on international oil prices and local market conditions. It's advisable to budget for these expenses when planning your trips around the area.

House Policies & Details

House Rules are very simple, with no 'chores' requested!
• Please switch off lights/electrical appliances when not in use.

• Porch light must be switched off every night before you retire to bed.

• No candles, please! It's a Fire hazard.

• Children must always be accompanied by adults in the pool area. It is important that any accidents, breakages or mishaps are reported as soon as possible.

• No pets allowed.

• No moving of furniture.

• This is a smoke free property, if you choose to smoke outside, please dispose of your butts appropriately.
Absolutely no smoking inside please!
• Please do not create noise, whice is offensive to the neighbors, especially between 10pm and 8am.

• This property has a "no party policy" and any such activities are prohibited.

• Please clean up after yourself, making sure that the dishwasher is packed and put on and any excess washing up is done, dried and put away.

• Cleaning is included in your tariff however, if excess cleaning is required, you will be charged.

• Please double check that you have all your personal belongings to avoid a left property collection fee.

• The owner reserves the right to terminate permission to occupy and to evict from the property, guests or visitors who refuse to follow our general etiquette or our Booking Terms and Condition.

Use Of The Thermostat

Most of the year, we have HIGH humidity conditions, which can make the inside of the villa feel much warmer than it really is. Guests might initially feel uncomfortable until they acclimate to the environment. To ensure the air conditioning (A/C) works efficiently, please keep doors and windows closed. If a door is left open, moist air enters the house, prolonging the time it takes to make the home comfortable again.

It's crucial to avoid overloading the A/C with moisture-laden humid air, as this can lead to system shutdown or freezing. In such cases, a service call to repair the A/C will be necessary, causing additional discomfort and likely incurring a service charge. For optimal efficiency, set the A/C fan to AUTO mode and maintain a temperature range between 75- and 78-degrees Fahrenheit. Overhead fans can also assist in circulating air throughout the room.

Most of our bathrooms are equipped with air vents. We encourage guests to use these vents when showering, as it helps regulate moisture and humidity levels in the villa. This simple step contributes to a more comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Pool Cleaning

Pool Maintenance:
Our pools are meticulously cleaned and checked on a weekly basis to ensure they remain in optimal condition.

Weather Considerations:
Extreme weather conditions can occasionally affect pool chemicals and water levels. If you happen to notice any unusual change in the pool water, such as a green or yellow tinge, please contact Brad or Rene promptly.

Winter Months:
During the winter months, it's not uncommon for the pool to require additional water between its weekly checks. If this occurs, simply place a hose in the pool and let it run for approximately 1 hour to maintain the appropriate water level.

Summer Rainfall:
In the summer months, heavy rains can lead to the pool being rather full. Please don't worry; the pool is equipped with a failsafe system that will drain excess water. If you see a technician suddenly appear in the pool area, it's most likely Brad performing his routine checks swiftly to avoid disturbing you.

Pool Machinery:
For your safety, please refrain from attempting to change any settings on the pool machinery. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the pool's operation, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Outdoor Dining:
When dining outdoors, kindly use only plastic plates and glasses. Broken glass poses a safety risk, and if it enters the pool, it can be challenging to locate and remove.

Food Storage:
Please avoid leaving food outside, as it can attract various insects and bugs. We want to ensure your outdoor experience remains enjoyable, and this simple measure helps maintain cleanliness and comfort.
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